As a man, you might be carrying a bit of extra weight. This can make you quite self-conscious. Despite this fact, you still want to go out and date. Here are some tips to make dating easier if you’re on the heavier side.

Be Yourself

Just because you’re overweight, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t just be yourself. You have nothing to fear. because the weight doesn’t change the person you are or your personality. Let your inner beast come out and showcase all you have to offer. Be self-confident in yourself on a date and just let your own personality shine through.

Dress and Groom Well

One thing you can do on a date as a larger guy is to be sure that you’re dressed well. Find a good tailor and get some clothes made for your size. You can find clothing that fits nicely no matter how big you are if it’s designed to fit your size. A good tailor can make a big guy look great for his hot date. Be sure to get fitted! In addition, make sure you are well-groomed, especially if you have a beard. You want to look and smell great on that date.

Speak Clearly/Conversation

You may be self-conscious but be sure to speak clearly on your date. Whatever you do, don’t try to hide behind your weight. Just remember that your date is probably as nervous as you are. By speaking clearly, you will be able to communicate well with her. Try to ask the person questions about their life but don’t be too pushy. You want to have a natural conversation. Leave topics like politics or religion out of initial conversations, as these can be poor topics on a first date.

Sexual Encounters

If your date leads to sexual encounter, here are a few tips. Make sure you are not self-conscious about your body. If the person wants to sleep with you, it’s because they actually like you or at least want sex. Try easier positions for heavier individuals like doggie style or maybe a spoon as it won’t put extra weight on the other person. Be sure to ask your partner what they like and prefer.


These tips should help you out on a date as a heavier guy. The most important thing is to relax and just let your personality shine through as that is the best tip of all.